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Nobody Can Even Imagine What 'Stranger Things' Spinoff Has In Store, Say Duffer Brothers

It's possible that the world of Stranger Things will become even stranger. How that's possible, however, is a truly mind-blowing thought.

ES Staff  |  TV Drama & Action

Matt and Ross Duffer, the show's creators, teased a little something about what viewers could anticipate from their top-secret Stranger Things spin-off project in a recent interview with Variety.

When asked if they would hold off on starting the yet-untitled project until the fifth and final season of Stranger Things was finished, they responded that they "probably" would. According to Ross, the productions would never shoot concurrently, but there's a version of it evolving in parallel [to the upcoming season 5]. Ross says he believes that he and Matt will begin tackling the new project after finalizing the visual effects on the current show.

For Matt, the main concern was ensuring that passion for the new project is real, strong and capable of standing on its own. He wanted to know that it's something that he'd want to make regardless, with or without a connection to Stranger Things. Now, he not only promises fans that the new project is terrific, he also hints that it is nothing like we'd expect -- or Netflix, either, for that matter.

As far as Stranger Things, fans hotly anticipated the supersized last two episodes of season 4 of the popular horror/sci-fi show after a heart-stopping mid-season cutoff. Even with all the hype, the final movie-length episodes blew everyone away who watched them.

Although the Duffers didn't formally announce a spin-off when it was revealed that season 5 would be the series' final installment, they did suggest that "there are still many more thrilling stories to tell within the universe of Stranger Things; new mysteries, new adventures, and new unexpected heroes."

On July 1, Netflix released Volume 2 of Stranger Things season 4. Season 5's debut date has not yet been made public.