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Jon Hamm Joins Fargo's Mysterious Fifth Season on FX

Jon Hamm revealed Donald Draper's psychology across seven seasons of Mad Men, winning at business — and life, really — by impersonating others.

ES Staff  |  TV Drama & Action

Draper's trip through the 1960s saw a nation falling for the sweeping charms of advertising, a business with no real product of its own.

Hamm's deeply layered, insightful acting heightened Draper's existential crisis and drew fans in further with each episode. So it's no wonder that Fargo creator Noah Hawley pursued and snagged the former Mad Men star. Deadline reports that Hamm, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Ted Lasso's Juno Temple will join Fargo's cast.

Fargo will feature a feast of Hamm in season five when he, Temple, and Leigh will play Roy, Dot, and Lorraine, respectively. These character names would suggest this season will be set in the past, like season four. However, Deadline says this arc still operates in 2019, leaving the door open for all kinds of cameos by current stars.

The only suggestions that Hawley offered with regard to the plot were questions that were similar to those asked in Fargo, such as: "When is a kidnapping not a kidnapping, and what if your wife isn't yours?" The first question is a scratcher, but the second one might stop your heart. Wow!

So what does it all mean? We have no idea — yet.

That goes for Fargo's next season premiere date, also. To date, no information has been given about it.