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Dream Team Tops Murder-Mystery Web Series ‘La Casa de los Creadores'

ES Staff  |  Drama & Action Web Series

Each eight-to-ten-minute episode of “The House of Creators” is produced in Mexico, and stars popular content producers Caín Guzmán, Floriza Aguirre, Oswaldo Rada, Gloria Valencia, Pablo Mondragón, Paulino Razo, and Sergio Ibarra.

These creators have a combined following of more than 30 million users on TikTok alone. Based on a unique concept by Guzmán, the television series was created, produced, and directed by Mexican screenwriter Jesús Elizondo.

Alejandro Uribe, CEO of Exile Content Studio, predicted that viewers will become fascinated and want more of his company's new series and its cast of outstanding creators.La Casa de los Creadores, which has captivated viewers right away, shows how creative minds can work together to amuse audiences with cutting-edge material and formats.

In La Casa de los Creadores, Guzmán and his friends and fellow series co-creators Aguirre, Rada, Valencia, Mondragón, Razo, and Ibarra leave for a weekend of recording content at a cabin in the woods. To their dismay, the power goes out on the first night.

Guzmán finds out that one of his pals was murdered when the power is restored. And since no one entered or left the cabin, they believe that someone in their group must be guilty of the death of their friend; therefore, they must identify the offender in order to avoid being held responsible collectively.

“The ability to co-create material on a completely new level with the full La Casa de los Creadores team, including Exile and our talent agency, Midas Talent, has been a wonderful trip as we have watched this idea come to life,” Guzmán said. He hopes that the digital format allows viewers from all over the world to join them.

Exile and Guzman's YouTube feeds both have La Casa de los Creadores available. Additionally, it can be found on Exile's Facebook and Instagram pages (@ExileContent).