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'It's CompliPlated': Chef Tabitha Brown Brings First-ever Vegan Competition Series on Food Network

As the host of Food Network's first vegan cooking competition show, vegan lifestyle guru and New York Times best-selling author Tabitha Brown is immortalizing her love for plant-based cuisine.

ES Staff  |  Reality & Unscripted TV

A new challenge on the show It's CompliPlated will be hosted by the actress, mother, and wife from North Carolina who "satisfies the appetite of millions with her unique approach to veganism and her wholesome, funny personality on the everyday."

According to Jane Latman, head of Home and Food Content and Streaming, Warner Bros. Discovery, "It's CompliPlated portrays what it's actually like to create a meal the complete family will adore – it's not easy to make one dish for everyone and this series makes it entertaining."

"Tabitha Brown is the ideal presenter to lead us on this expedition because of her enthusiasm, sense of humor, and real-life vegan journey."

The brand-new vegan food program will assign three rounds of cooking challenges to four chefs in each episode. These cooking competitions will demonstrate which inventive food can please the judge, from Southern cuisine made entirely of plant-based ingredients to a "Instagram-worthy dinner party sans fruits or vegetables." According to the press release, the judges will be Maneet Chauhan (Chopped, Tournament of Champions) and a rotating panel of guest judges, "each with a very unique palate and complex culinary requirements."

After struggling with anxiety, chronic neck pain, and sadness, Brown switched to a vegan diet in 2017. Soon after, she started on her career as an influencer. To this day, Brown's contagious passion draws millions of visitors to her real-time videos revealing her daily vegan meals, hit documentary What the Health, and live culinary demonstrations in her kitchen.

Brown is anticipated to not only share her vegan knowledge and humorous catchphrases on the new show, but also to further demonstrate her commitment for leading a plant-based lifestyle. The 43-year-old content producer is thrilled about this new endeavor after her debut book Feeding the Soul (Because It's My Business) became a New York Times best seller.

We decided to make a game out of it because, according to Brown, "being vegan transformed my life and the way I cook—and I believe individuals can relate to the daily challenge of making the complete family happy with one dinner."

Viewers are likely to have a great time and be inspired for their next family dinner since these chefs "cook from the heart and their food is mind-blowing."

Brown announced her historic role on social media on Wednesday, June 29. She recalled her humble beginnings, from "eating a lunch" in her car to now gracing Food Network.

"This program is about to transform how we all see food! I'm eager to accompany you on the adventure since it's for everyone, Brown wrote.

Oh my God, thank you. Please excuse me while I thank God for these advantages.

On Thursday, August 11 at 10 p.m. ET/PT, It's CompliPlated premieres on Food Network and streams on Discovery+.