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World-Class Team-Jordan Peele, Cast & Crew-Too Good To Say 'Nope' (Featurette)

ES Staff  |  Drama & Action Movies

Universal released a behind-the-scenes documentary on Nope, with interviews with Peele, the cast, and crew. The featurette shows that the project started big and is expected to end even bigger.

Peele and his team built the Nope sets in a broad, wind-blown, dusty setting reminiscent of vintage American Westerns. The actors and crew respect Peele's work ethic and the way he conducts his projects. Daniel Kaluuya, a Get Out co-star, said, "He wants to capture, not rush, moments. There's a value in what you're shooting. I mean like the whole crew engaged with it differently ." Peele's comment that Nope couldn't have been made without his crew shows that every duty is respected on his set.

It was either go big or go home in terms of the next movie's scope. Nope's setting alone adds to the movie's grandeur, unlike Get Out and Us. According to camera operator Kristen Correll, using 65mm and IMAX cameras concurrently was unique.

According to camera operator Kristen Correll, using 65mm and IMAX cameras concurrently was unique. Hoytema's portfolio includes Interstellar, Dunkirk, Tenet, and Nolan's next opus Oppenheimer, so he's getting "the Oprah shot." Hoytema says, "Jordan puts a lot of strain on himself, I noticed. He showed no fear right away, so I had to be inventive with my story."

Official information on the plot is scant, however the second trailer did offer some further details. OJ Haywood (Kaluuya) and Emerald Haywood (Keke Palmer) are a brother and sister who want to become rich and famous by finding the world's most comprehensive UFO record. The second trailer exhibited the rapid humor of Peele's first two movies, but the first teaser terrified people. In what appears to be a secondary plot, Steven Yeun portrays the strange figure Ricky "Jupe" Park, who is seen mobilizing a small throng around a mysterious hostage who may be connected to the recent extraterrestrial invasion.

Peele told the Nope cast and crew:

"We developed something brand-new, distinctive, and evidence to why I love movies every day of this production."

Peele wrote, produced, and directed Nope. Ian Cooper (Candyman) and Robert Graff (No Country for Old Men) served as executive producers. In Nope, Brandon Perea is Angel Torres, Michael Wincott (What Just Happened) is Antlers Holst, Wrenn Schmidt (For All Mankind) is Amber Park, Keith David (The Thing) is Otis Haywood Sr., and Barbie Ferreira (Euphoria) is Nessie.

Nope opened July 22.