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Star Jurnee Smollett Teases Deets On DC's Highly-Awaited 'Black Canary'

ES Staff  |  Drama & Action Movies

The DCEU movies have been hit or miss, with most of them missing badly more often than not. The R-rated comic book movie Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey looked like it was going to join that group, but against all odds, it did well at the box office and got good reviews from critics and audiences. Jurnee Smollett was expected to play Black Canary again in a solo movie, and it looks like she has been able to give a rare update on how the new movie is coming along.

Warner Bros. has recently added more DC films to their upcoming schedule. However, many of these films have been significantly delayed, put on hold, or, in some cases, moved from being HBO Max exclusives to being released in theaters because Warner Bros. merged with Discovery. At the moment, Blue Beetle will come out in theaters in 2023, along with The Flash and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, while Batgirl will still be an HBO Max film. It's still not clear where Black Canary will make her first appearance. In an interview, Smollett said:

"I simply can't talk about some of the things I'm so extremely pleased about. You could probably say I'm excited. I'm excited to go on a lot of adventures. I think we have only scratched the surface with Black Canary. She is also one of the hottest martial artists in the DC Universe. I think that's a real challenge, and I'm excited about the idea of going deeper, further, wider, and bigger into it."

The Black Canary might be joined by other birds of prey.

Since the Black Canary movie was first announced, nothing has been confirmed about the cast, the plot, or where it fits in with Birds of Prey and other DCEU movies. Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who was in Birds of Prey, has said in the past that she would be willing to play the same role in the upcoming Black Canary movie if given the chance.

When Warner Bros. decides to say more about Black Canary's future in the coming months, it won't be clear if she will be able to play her role again in the Misha Green-written movie.