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Why 'Deadpool 3' Writers Say Ryan Reynolds+Landlocked Fish Is 'Butter'

ES Staff  |  Comedy Movies

The movie's makers talked about Deadpool 3's plot and how it ties into the MCU. According to the latest nugget they've given, the next leg of the Deadpool saga will be a story about "a fish out of water."

After Disney bought 20th Century Fox, Marvel Studios has continued making Deadpool movies. The R rating for Deadpool 3 and its place in the MCU were quickly set in stone. Deadpool was in the first two movies in the X-Men series, which were hard to follow.

Shawn Levy, who was in The Adam Project, was just chosen to direct Deadpool 3. This is the third time Levy and Reynolds have worked together, and they get along well. The third film enjoys the same writers as the first two movies in the series.

Marvel Studios hasn't said much more about Deadpool the character, so fans have to guess how he will fit into the MCU.

Wernick and Reese also wrote the Netflix show Spiderhead and talked to Post Cred Pod about it and other projects, like Deadpool 3. When asked about the threequel, they gave hints about the plot but couldn't say much about Wade Wilson's story. Reese says that the MCU story of Deadpool 3 is about a crazy person.

It's a great chance for people who feel like fish out of water. The main character in the movie is a crazy person named Deadpool. Bringing a crazy person into a really normal world is butter. It will be a lot of fun, according to Reese.

Wade Wilson will join the MCU, which is confirmed by the "fish-out-of-water" tease in Deadpool 3. The tone and attitude of Deadpool are different from anything else Marvel has done. Deadpool 3 is likely to show how Deadpool is different from the MCU. Deadpool can make jokes and break the fourth wall when he changes realities. Later, the writers made a joke about using Morbius memes.

It will be interesting to see how Wade Wilson and Deadpool 3 deal with the tease of the MCU. Reynolds has said that characters from Deadpool could come back. When Deadpool joins the MCU, he can meet up with characters he wouldn't normally meet. Hugh Jackman's Wolverine is still wanted, but Thor, Ant-Man, and others could show up in Deadpool 3. The people who are writing the story seem happy with how things are going.