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Nick Thune, Cleopatra Coleman Romance 'The Right One'
Nick Thune, Cleopatra Coleman Romance 'The Right One'

Nick Thune Nabs Cleopatra Coleman In Crazy Romance 'The Right One'

ES Staff  |  Comedy Movies

We all need a little inspiration from people sometimes...but how do you know if The Right One is giving it to you?

That might seem like an odd question, but then Godfrey is a really odd guy -- which is exactly why Sara can’t get enough of him. Every time they meet, she seems to learn a new part of his personality, which in turn opens up her creativity.

Godfrey has been running from his personal tragedies and failures in a unique way. Sure he runs from his problems like a lot of people, but unlike others, he goes all out. One day he’s an actual art critic, then a college professor, singing Cowboy and even an Argentinian Ballroom Dancer. Godfrey is so good at not being himself that he no longer has a firm grip on who he is.

As a novelist struggling with writer’s block, Godfrey is a god-send for Sara. He’s fun, unpredictable, outrageous, and he pulls her out of her “stuckness” in a way that no one else can. They might be polar opposites on the surface, but they hit it off magically right away. And where there is magic, sparks are sure to follow.

Eventually, Sara begins to fall for her muse, but she isn’t sure which “guy” is the real Godfrey. At the same time, Godfrey discovers that Sara has been using him as inspiration for her next book. All of this creates a conflict so big that neither is sure if they can overcome it -- or even if they want to.

Check out the trailer below:

Godfrey disappears after learning Sara is trying to “capture” him with her writing, and possibly more. Will she get him back? Should she?

The perfect flick to give you the feels, The Right One stars Cleopatra Coleman as Sara, Nick Thune as Godfrey, Iliza Shlesinger as Kelly, Trezza Mahoro as Geke, and Leanne Lapp as Allegra.