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'The Asheville View’ Talk Show Web Series Brings Southern Sensibility To Deep Topics

ES Staff  |  Reality Web Series

Most of our focus in the U.S. goes to big cities, but smaller areas have just as much going on socially, politically, and in their struggle for fairness. Asheville, North Carolina, is one of these towns. Local programs like The Asheville View can help you gain a fresh perspective on the historic city in the Blue Ridge Mountains that is incredibly appealing, energizing and sincere.

The Asheville View is a web series that is like a modern daytime talk show. It talks about important things going on in the South. The show's name makes it sound like it's exclusively about Asheville, but its hosts—Aisha Adams, Kirby Winner, Myriam Weber, Tina White, and Kahlani Jackson—are also interested in Asheville's suburbs, as well as the South as a whole.

One of the first things you notice about The Asheville View is that it has people of all races and backgrounds on it. The purpose is to promote alternative viewpoints, challenge cultural biases, and drive social change.

The show covers equality, local food, health, community resources, business, music, and artists. The Asheville View brings a unique spin to daytime talk shows by discussing problems other shows don't, often due to the limitations of their platforms or parent companies. Aisha Adams Media Group owns The Asheville View, and it aims to offer a safe environment for small enterprises, local issues, and left-out voices. It spreads motivating and educational information.

The Asheville View is on YouTube, Facebook Live, and its website, which contains a blog. You can also read some great opinion pieces to get even more ideas. In Asheville, you may attend a live taping of The Asheville View. If you have a mission, information, talent, or story to contribute, you can apply online to be a guest. Learn more at the series' website.