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'Own Your Roots' with Dialogues of Diaspora's Digital Talk Show Series (Watch)

ES Staff  |  Reality Web Series

The first three episodes of the web series are filmed in London's Soho restaurant Dishoom, where creative people from different parts of the industry talk about their experiences and their two cultures. In the first episode, Shamil Thakrar, who helped start Dishoom, and Shalina Patel, who started The History Corridor, talk in depth about British South Asian history.

Thakrar says in a press release, "As members of the diaspora, we all have roots in different places, and Dishoom, at least for me, has always been a project about identity.

"This is an idea that we explore and unpack with the wonderful team at Dialogues of Diaspora, who are bringing the richness of our shared South Asian British history to life."

In the second episode of the series, Swiss-Tamil music artist Priya Ragu and TikTok star Leo Kalyan talk about the South Asian music scene, their careers and where they got their ideas from. In episode three, South Asian influencers Simran Randhawa and Arooj Aftab talk about their backgrounds, cultures, food and style.

Watch the first episode of the new show from Dialogues of Diaspora below: