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ACM Lifting Lives' ‘Check-In’ Digital Series Taps Music Artists, Talks Mental Health & Healing

ES Staff  |  Reality Web Series

Artists discuss candidly about their own experiences with mental health and the hardships they've faced over the course of the past several years in each episode. They also talk about how music has helped them heal. Future interviews will include Jimmie Allen, Chase Bryant, Brett Eldredge, Michael Ray, and Caitlyn Smith, amongst others.

"ACM Lifting Lives is delighted to announce The Check-In, which showcases a new aspect of the musicians whose songs frequently help us feel better when we're feeling down. "The series provides artists a chance to be honest and exhibit courage by letting their guard down," explains Lyndsay Cruz, the Executive Director of ACM Lifting Lives.

In addition to this, it teaches them that they are not immune to the mental and emotional challenges that are experienced by people all around the world. "We hope that this series will help mainstream the conversation about mental health and reduce the stigma associated with doing so, while also continuing to demonstrate how crucial music is in the healing process."

In order to correspond with the beginning of the 2022-2023 ACM Lifting Lives grant cycle, the ongoing series, which you are able to view right now, will continue to release new episodes throughout the entire summer.

The groundbreaking COVID-19 Response Fund from ACM Lifting Lives has moved into its next phase, which focuses on providing assistance for mental and emotional health, and this funding cycle marks the beginning of that phase. Full interviews are available at as well as on the YouTube channel associated with the Academy. Every single one of the Academy's social media pages will be updated with sneak peek footage of each episode.