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BriannaPlayz, New Digital Shenanigans Series, Coming To Roku Channel

ES Staff  |  Indie TV Ticker

Because it is digital native material, the series aspires to include sponsored advertising. The show, according to FilmRise, adds to its library of digital native content that includes, among other things, entertainment, lifestyle, gaming, nature, cuisine, and how-to.

The online digital series is made available on a streaming service for the first time with the debut. In the UK, BriannaPlayz is also accessible via The Roku Channel. The show combines Brianna's finest moments and immerses viewers in the world of Minecraft as she pulls practical jokes on her loved ones.

According to Max Einhorn, SVP of Acquisitions and Co-Productions at FilmRise, "we identified a great untapped opportunity early on — that highly popular online influencers could increase their audience reach and fanbase by turning their online content into long form episodes for streaming platform audiences."

The arrangement, according to Ashley Hovey, CEO of The Roku Channel, AVOD, highlights a lengthy connection between the two businesses.

[The Roku Channel] is overjoyed to be the first place the series will be made available outside of digital platforms, according to Hovey.

The Digital Native part of FilmRise, under the direction of Bianca Serafini, director of digital content, has agreements with a number of digital talent agencies, producers, and programs, including Night, Brave Wilderness, Above Average, and Rooster Teeth.

Azra "Azzyland" Bajrami's lifestyle material, such as vlogs, response videos, play-along video games, and collaborations with other content producers, are featured in Azzyland.

A number of digital series produced by Rooster Teeth are geared toward the gaming community, including the first-person shooter series Red vs. Blue, the summer camp hijinks series Camp Camp, and the fantasy series Nomad of Nowhere.

Zach Hsieh, often known as ZHC, is a viral artist and philanthropist. ZHC displays his hyper-realistic vision. While pulling off feats like painting a full school inside and out, personalizing an entire Apple Store's worth of technology, and detailing a Tesla, ZHC and his crew of artists also give away cash and other rewards to streamers.

A science and wildlife television show called Brave Wilderness tries to pique viewers' interest and encourage support for conservation efforts. Nataniel "Coyote" Peterson, Mark Vins, and Mario Aldecoa, three adventurers and science professionals, take viewers on a range of trips to debunk beliefs about harmful insects, capture the beauty of hiking routes, and present uncommon sea animals, among other things.

Internet-famous with his vast range of mind-blowing feats, such as constructing the tallest Lego tower, playing hide & seek in a trampoline park, and stuffing his home with packing peanuts, Nathan Graham, aka Unspeakable, draws in audiences that are friendly to families.

Executive producer Lorne Michaels formed the production company Above Average Presents. Tiffany Haddish, Tina Fey, Rashida Jones, Paul Rudd, and Jeff Goldblum are among the comedians who appear in Above Average's skits and interviews.

Gustavo Tosta, a.k.a. Guga Foods, is renowned for his likable attitude and visually appealing camerawork. For his hungry audience, he offers scrumptious meat-centric recipes, practical cooking advice, and creative food experiments.

Crash Course has created subject-based content for 42 different courses and counting to fulfill its commitment that top-notch educational films should be freely accessible to everyone. Literature, history of the world, philosophy, biology, drama, and many more topics are covered.