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'Wicked City': Vanessa Bell Calloway, Taylor Polidore & More Star in Spooky Streaming Drama

ES Staff  |  Drama & Action Web Series

Vanessa Bell Calloway, Taylor Polidore, Shaquita Smith, Mercedez McDowell, Chantal Maurice, Chanel Mack, Rhonda Morman, Malika Blessing, Columbus Short, and Rolonda Rochelle are all featured in the ensemble cast.

Four young, fashionable modern-day witches—Jordan Davis (Smith), Mona De La Cruz (McDowell), Angela Harris (Maurice), and Sherise Baker (Mack)—are living it up in Atlanta until they meet Camille (Polidore), a naturally gifted witch who is unaware of her talent.

Camille hesitantly decides to spend some time with the women, but things quickly go dangerous and one of the women dies unexpectedly. A dark, terrible being is brought back from the other side when the witches swiftly cast a banned resurrection magic, but it is too late. This coven is about to go on the most perilous journey of their life as a result of their difficult personal lives, revealed secrets from the past, and attempts to vanquish a strong wraith.

As the proprietor of Charm City Awakening and a seasoned mentor to the coven, Tabitha is portrayed by Bell Calloway.

Morman plays the role of Claudette, a once-powerful witch who is determined to reclaim the abilities that were reluctantly stripped from her.

Caden, who the coven perceives as a menace, is portrayed by Blessing.

The Handler, a terrifying sorcerer, is portrayed by Short.

The character of Kendria, who warns Camille of the dangers that lie ahead, is played by Rochelle.

Brett Dismuke, General Manager, AllBlk & WE tv, said: "Tressa and I have collaborated on a number of projects together over the years, and I'm thrilled we've reconnected once again on Wicked City. This spooky drama gives something unique that we are convinced will appeal to customers as AllBlk's content options continue to expand.

Nikki Love, SVP of Development and Production for AllBlk, continued, "The storyline of Black witches is something we hardly ever see in the massively popular supernatural, sci-fi, and fantasy genres. Wicked City's inclusion on AllBlk's consistently expanding roster boosts the diversity of Black presence in a field where it is presently underrepresented. We look forward to contributing to the story.

Executive produced by Tressa "Azarel" Smallwood of Mega Mind Media, Donte Lee, Kevin Key, who will produce, and Dale Lewis, who will direct for Relentless Studio, Wicked City is now filming in Atlanta, Georgia. The producer will be Melissa Llewellyn-Alston. AllBlk will have two executive producers: general manager Brett Dismuke and SVP of Development & Production Nikki Love.

Smallwood stated, "My aim has always been to provide opportunities for young, bright Black writers to exhibit original, compelling stories. "When Wicked City writers Kristin Iris Johnson and Serena M. Lee came to me with the idea, I felt we had something fresh and original that hadn't been seen on TV before. Wicked City fills the need of the kind of Black supernatural content that so many in our community have desired to witness but have been continuously deprived of by showcasing a wider spectrum of Blackness. Working with Brett and AllBlk to introduce this new type of content to a platform that unequivocally prioritizes Black stories excites me much.”