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Jennifer Winget On ‘Code M’ S2, Major Monica Mehra, & Training To Be A Badass

ES Staff  |  Drama & Action Web Series

The actress who played psychopath Maya in Beyhadh 2 now plays the heroic Monica Mehra, Code M's champion. Winget talked about her job's challenges, why she loves it, and shared her fitness philosophy with IANS.

Winget acknowledged the obstacles she had in portraying Major Monica Mehra. "Playing this character is also therapeutic for me. Monica is strong, confident, and forthright. I sometimes imitate her. I also make an effort to embody who I am with this persona. So though acting is difficult and challenging, it's also extremely rewarding."

The second season of Code M will show a more in-depth side of Major Monica Mehra, an Indian Army lawyer who investigates official murders.

“We are all aware of Major Monica Mehra's patriotism. This year, though, we also get to learn more about her early years and some of the experiences and events that have stuck with her throughout her life. This time, we'll see Monica's life from a fresh angle," Winget continued.

The Bepannah actress went on to discuss her interactions with Tanuj Virwani, Rajat Kapoor, and Swanand Kirkire, her co-stars.

"Simply put, it was wonderful. I got to collaborate with Tanuj and Rajat Kapoor during season one. I picked up a lot of knowledge from Mr. Kapoor. Working with him and Tanuj was simply great. As you are aware, we have also grown to be friends over time, and he is simply such a wonderful person to be around."

To prepare to portray such a badass, Winget says that she, her co-stars, director, producer, and action master gave it their all. She personally trained very hard to do on-screen acrobatics. Yet she also believes that the audience can empathize with Monica, despite her rebellious nature.

"She's still entertaining because she's playing an Army officer, which is why people love her. Monica has friends and a turbulent relationship, but she also has a strong, feminist, feminine Army officer side."

"Any woman can empathize with these two sides since she executes chores with dedication while also having fun. Monica helps me study and enjoy hard work."

"When portraying a strong role, one needs physical power" was her fitness slogan. "My fitness mantra is to avoid having just one exercise routine, food plan, or severe diet. I value health. I'm not a serious gym-goer. I love swimming, horseback riding, pilates, yoga, and other outdoor sports. They let me be in nature because it's rare in the city. I consistently exercise. [I] enjoy it!"

Winget will be joined by Tanuj Virwani and Swanand Kirkire in Code M’s new season.

"I've never gotten so much love for my series role," she says. "I'm thankful because playing a military character comes with many duties. And to be able to do that while still receiving love from my supporters is amazing. I'm lucky," she concluded.

Code M 2, an eight-episode series by Aniruddha Guha, Aparna Nadig, and Niharika Puri, premieres on Voot Select on June 9. Akshay Choubey directs the Jio Studios and Juggernaut Productions-produced, Ektaa R. Kapoor-created series.