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Angelika Film Center - Dallas Metroplex
Angelika Film Center launched new streaming platform for indie films.

Angelika Film Center's New Streaming Platform Showcases Rich Indie Films

ES Staff  |  Indie Film Headlines

Summer's Best Indie Films, From Romance To Podcast Rockstar Horror

Blockbusters have returned post-pandemic — sort of. COVID still exists, but studio audiences are younger and less fearful.

The Art House Film Service Banking On The Power of 'Both,' Making Streaming An Elite Indie Cinema

Movie theaters and streaming services are often portrayed as rivals in the media landscape. Movie aficionados, however, would likely disagree with that.

8 Glorious 'Women at Sundance' Named Class of 2022 Adobe Fellows

The Women at Sundance | Adobe Fellows' incoming class of 2022 has been announced by the Sundance Institute. The eight beneficiaries of the fellowship represent a variety of fields and stood out for their innovative work in episodic, documentary, and fiction.

These Rising Black Female Filmmakers Are Coming For Every Genre

In every sector of society, including the entertainment business, black people have struggled for freedom.
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