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'Blind Divas' Doc Goes Deep Into Triumphant Black Women Entrepreneurs

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The movie follows the lives of two blind Black female entrepreneurs named Krystle Allen and Naquela Wright-Prevoe who are "drawing back the curtain of curiosity about the talents of women with vision loss," according to Lisa Durden.

According to Durden, she wants to share stories that highlight the diversity of marginalized populations as well as the tragedy they frequently experience.

Durden stressed that "this is not just a story of two strong women who are regular heroes in the blindness world; it's a story of triumph over all difficulties."

Because representation counts, it is crucial for women and people of color who create content to convey their own stories, according to Durden. "I hope that when people see this documentary, it will challenge their stereotypes of what disabled women or disabled people in general can accomplish. And they all accomplish extraordinary things.

The documentary's debut is scheduled for the fall of 2022.

Among Durden's previous works are the following: Director/Producer of the short documentary Girls Matter, which won Best Animation at the Tokyo International Short Film Festival in '21; Assistant Director of the Verizon Commercial, "Conversations With Mom"; Producer of the star-studded Revolution Awards for ImageNation; and Co-Producer of the controversial, award-winning feature film TITLE VII; Conceived & Developed.

Durden took home the prize in the national pitch competition for short documentaries organized by the African American Women in Cinema Film Festival in association with the distributor Lightbeam TV.

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