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90s House Queen Robin S Is All Smiles, Gives Beyonce Big Thanks As 'Break My Soul' Samples 'Show Me Love'

ES Staff  |  Celebs News & Power Moves

The well-known house musician went on ITV's Good Morning Britain on Wednesday to express her appreciation for the inclusion.

In her interview, Robin S introduced herself as "Robin S," and stated, "This message goes out to the Queen Bey herself, Beyoncé, to Jay-Z, and to the entire team." I'm extremely appreciative that you gave me flowers while I was still living. The recognition is appreciated, and I look forward to what may come next.

According to Robin, she found out that "Show Me Love" was sampled in the anticipated new release through her son, who notified her of the news. "Mom, mom," my son said when he called. She said during the show, "You're trending everywhere. The song "Show Me Love" by Beyoncé, which is now trending everywhere, was released recently.

Before the song's release, Beyoncé and Robin did not have any official interaction, Robin also disclosed. The well-known house performer asserted that it was not necessary for the statement to be verified. A vocalist is familiar with her music.

Adding that "that's always the dream," she expressed hope that the two would collaborate in the future before concluding, "I can't even. Wow, just wow. Very much obliged. The creative team behind "Break My Soul," which Robin also expressed gratitude to, also received her thanks.

Jay-Z, Big Freedia, Adam Pigott (also known as BlaqNmilD), and the authors of Robin's "Show Me Love" are included among the writers of "Break My Soul." Adam Pigott has collaborated with Drake, Quavo, Megan Thee Stallion, and many more. In 1993, Robin debuted his well-known dance hit, which has since become a club classic and has been sampled and remixed by several artists.