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Daytime Emmy Winner Mishael Morgan Is 1st Black Woman To Take Outstanding Lead Actress Honor

ES Staff  |  And The Winner Is...

On The Young and the Restless, she portrays Amanda Sinclair.

Morgan entered the stage after receiving a standing ovation and thanked her family and supporters before highlighting the importance of her victory.

"I was born on a tiny Caribbean island, and now I'm on a worldwide stage being awarded for being the best at what I do," she added. "Now little girls around the world can be the best in any industry or vocation."

"I need to thank the fans," she said. "They welcomed me on this show, and I'm really proud of our generation. We're cracking glass ceilings left, right, and center, and I'm honored to witness it. We can achieve equality and togetherness today."

2013 saw Morgan join the CBS drama. 

The actor who plays Amanda is a native of Trinidad and Tobago and is well aware of the significance of her historic victory. She is the first Black celebrity to win the Outstanding Lead Actress statue. She remembers her father telling her as a child, "You need to be 10 times better because you're Black, simply to be considered as equal. And I hope that this move ahead proves that we are capable of equality. More people may now just provide their best effort, and that's enough.

It's difficult to see Morgan becoming anything other than an actress after seeing her work as Hilary's tragic twin sister and Amanda. However, she adds, "I was an immigrant when I was a little child, and that means that you need to pick a work and a dream that is stable." "I intended to practice law. God then stepped in, and I made the decision to pursue acting.

Morgan at the moment was perplexed. She says, "I didn't understand why, and then I really, genuinely think it's because storytellers, they have a way of affecting and altering the world so much faster — sometimes even faster than politics. We're hoping to change a few things back very, very soon.